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Los Angeles California, June 6, 2017 — Soma today announced a recent strategic alliance with media studio Cognition for development of "The Innovation Lab". The partners will create and package original IP for brands, studios, artists and celebrities.

The cutting-edge media & technology partners develop, produce and distribute premium content and Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences across the digital media landscape.

“We’re excited to partner with Soma on some very innovative VR development and products that align with our creative values and interests,” says Cognition founder Brian Pope. Pope combines a deliberately unorthodox and progressive business philosophy with a passion for art, film, technology and philanthropy and is also the founder and Executive Director of the Arc/k Project, a non-profit devoted to digital cultural heritage preservation using photogrammetry and immersive true 3D VR experiences.

Soma & Cognition have integrated best practices and expertise in their respective media and tech worlds to present a scalable digital production infrastructure and VR product offering.

“Our goal is to become a leading provider of next generation content and provide a luxury experience for our clients to collaborate in the creative process” says CEO E.C. Morgan. With multi-million dollar offices next to RED & Milk Studios in the heart of Hollywood’s MediaDistrict, Cognition & Soma are in good company.

The partners share the same vision: Captivating Content, Superior Design & Innovative Technology.


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